Our Business Strategy

Fibra Nova specializes in Build-to-Suit (BTS) properties, this is, offering a building constructed by the developer according to the design, location and physical features required by the user who will lease the property. Since Fibra Nova is not focused on the construction business, the building process is carried out through construction tenders and the user has access to the winning bid. Such project takes approximately 6 months from the signing of the lease contract until substantial progress is achieved. Upon completion of the building, the user will cover operational costs, maintenance costs, among others.

Fibra Nova's aim is to acquire, lease, operate and develop a portfolio of real estate assets targeting fast-growing economic sectors, seeking to deliver attractive long-term risk-adjusted returns to its holders through stable distributions and the generation of capital gains.

In the coming years, Fibra Nova expects to grow its asset portfolio in a selective and diversified manner, with the objective of strengthening its position as a prominent player in the Mexican real estate market, bearing in mind, in particular, the following factors: