About Us

About Fibra Nova

Fibra Nova is a Mexican Real Estate Investment Trust (FIBRA) specialized in the acquisition, management and development of real estate for lease. It currently has more than 5,983,692 sqft leased in the most economically vibrant cities and industries in Mexico.


To offer a profitable investment alternative, with a high level of certainty to hold and grow its value.

To ensure the efficient maintenance, collection, management, marketing and operation of our real estate portfolio, and, if necessary, to carry out improvements that will allow us to boost their profitability in the short term.

To constantly enhance the profiling of our tenants to increase the profitability of our properties while reducing the potential volatility of cash flows. Build the pipeline of potential acquisitions toward increasing the size of our portfolio swiftly and steadily.

To strengthen the network of relations with real estate brokers, developers, nationally and internationally recognized tenants, and in general with every player in the Mexican REIT market for the purpose of consolidating our position.

To forge a trust-based relationship with our Certificate Holders through absolute transparency of our operations, close dialogue and a sound operating framework between the Trust's governing bodies and the Manager and Advisor.


To grow a real estate portfolio through the acquisition of leased properties providing value for the Trust, through the quality of their leasing contracts, construction standards, location, and site.

To achieve these objectives, the Trust draws on the expertise of a hand-picked group of real estate developers and operators, as well as on a vertically integrated business model covering the entire value chain, from the identification of concepts and locations for real estate developments, the marketing and leasing process, and their operation, to the stabilization and eventual realization of capital gains if market conditions are suitable for the monetization of the property.