Fibra Nova has a commitment focused on responsibility and solidarity towards the communities where it operates, promoting socially responsible behavior in all possible areas. In this sense, it is of special interest to move towards an even more responsible business model, aligned with the best Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards in the market.

With a strong commitment to environmental protection and conservation, Fibra Nova conducts its operations in accordance with federal and state environmental protection legislation, which takes into consideration, among other things, ecological planning, the preparation of environmental impact and risk studies, atmospheric pollution, the designation of protected natural areas, the protection of flora and fauna, the conservation and rationalization of the use of natural resources, and soil contamination.

It also makes use of the best modern practices that allow all its facilities to be more efficient in the consumption of electrical energy, through the use of insulated roofs, LED lighting and domes, as well as rigorous control of irrigation and sanitation systems to maximize the use of water.

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